Seeing the Woods and the Trees


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Seeing the Woods and the Trees

I’m not normally one of those people who will stop and listen to a charity salesperson. I know the charities I like to help, and I know where to find them. It might seem a bit rough on those earnest folk looking to raise a few quid, no no doubt for a good cause, but there you have it. I don’t think I’m alone.

But today I found myself happily listening to the story behind the work of the Woodland Trust. Moreover, I was sufficiently impressed to bite the bullet and become a paid-up member, along with Jonathan and the sprogs.

Fortunately, most people recognise that cabinetmakers are usually pretty good at keeping their environmental impact low. Our furniture is made to last 20-200 years (antiques of the future and all that), so we don’t exactly subscribe to the consumerist, planned obsolescence, pile it high, sell it cheap, capitalist orthodoxy!

Saying that, we can always do more – particularly for people who enjoy using native timbers. Helping to contribute to the maintenance of our treasured forests and woodlands seems like a good idea. Our small monthly contribution equates to the planting of a couple of trees, and 24 trees a year is loads more than we use in our furniture! 

OK, I know I’m way oversimplifying it, but at some very basic level it’s just common sense to give a little back to a natural system that has provided us with so much delight over the last decade or so.

(This is not an advert, other tree hugging organisations are available!)

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