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Furniture Designs / Post - 1 year ago

How to Design a Kitchen Layout

There are many things to consider when designing a kitchen for your clients, from the size of the room to who will use it to the desired look. It’s a big job, so let’s take it step by step. Make a Floor Plan The most important starting point when des...

Furniture Designs / Post - 1 year ago

Free Cabinet Software + Manufacturing Service

This commercial project shows you how a professional workshop partnered with one of our Approved Suppliers to design with the free cabinet software version of Polyboard, then outsource cut and machining of the parts. These parts were delivered back f...

Furniture Designs / Post - 1 year ago

How to become a furniture designer

Designing furniture is a dream career for many artisans who love creating something beautiful and useful from nothing but wood. There are many different ways to learn the craft; a course offered by your local institute of higher education, an apprent...