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Building Furniture / Post - 10 months ago

Woodworking Short Courses

Woodworking Short Courses For many, coming to Rowden to study furniture making is a complete change of lifestyle or career. It is a rather unique opportunity to ‘take a break from life’, to envelop themselves in the Rowden bubble in the h...

Building Furniture / Post - 10 months ago

Wood: Dry, dryer, driest

Dry, dryer, driest We’ve noticed recently that wood that has been coming to Rowden, and to our own workshop, has had noticeably variable moisture content. This is most noticeable when it relates to native species and very small woodyards, though even...

Building Furniture / Post - 11 months ago

A poem about fire

A poem about fire… We talk about wood a lot here at Rowden but there is always more to learn. So,  just in case you thought you knew all there is to know, I give you The Firewood Poem. The Firewood Poem Beechwood fires are bright and clear If t...